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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

As the public has been influenced and gone crazy by the perfect white smile on the media, hundreds of people are now asking more about Teeth whitening.

What is it? How is it done? Does it cause any health consequences?

This article is written to explain more about Teeth whitening and to answer some of the most common questions among people.


Let’s start with, what is Teeth whitening?


Teeth whitening is one of the most effective and practical ways of lightening the natural colour of the teeth. Usually, the process happens without removing any of the tooth surface. The Teeth whitening process can’t actually change the complete colour of the teeth but it lightens the existing shades.


What are the reasons that make me whiten my teeth?

There are plenty of reasons that can make you go through a Teeth whitening process. In general, the colour of teeth varies from a person to another just like skins or hair and our teeth discoloured when we get old not to mention drinking and smoking which can really affect on the smile and the colour.
In fact, very few people have brilliant white teeth, this is why many people tend to whiten their teeth every once in a while to present a much more beautiful smile and appearance.


What does the tooth whitening process involve?


There are a couple of methods to do tooth whitening but professional bleaching method is the most usual one of tooth whitening. First, your dentist will put a rubber or gel on your gums to protect it from any ingredient that might hurt. Then, your dentist will put the whitening product on your teeth using a professional tool that fits into your mouth just like a mouthguard.
When the active ingredient in the whitening product ( hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide) breaks down, it gets into the tooth’s enamel and starts whitening your tooth.

It is very important to consult your dentist before starting your teeth whitening process because he/she can decide whether you’re suitable for treatment or not.


How long does teeth whitening take?


Teeth whitening usually takes three to four weeks. You will have a couple of visits to the dentist before starting as the dentist will take the impression of your teeth and mouth to be able to prepare for the process. At first, the dentist and the dental team will start the treatment but you will need to continue by yourself at home which means applying the whitening product on your teeth for approximately 30 minutes for three to four weeks.

Ofcourse, there are some new equipment and products which can be used to apply the whitening product for a straight six to eight hours but it is better to consult your dentist about it before using any of them.



Is teeth whitening permanent? How long will my teeth stay white? 

To be honest, there is no specific answer for that. Usually, the teeth stay white up to 36 months. Still, it differs from person to person because the effect will be less likely to last  when a person smokes or drinks a lot and more likely to last when a person brushes his teeth twice a day and takes care of them.

You can also ask your dentist or dental team for their opinion since they have full information about your teeth statute.


Does teeth whitening have any health consequences or side effects? 

Of course, some people may examine some discomforts in their gums while some other people may find that their teeth become more sensitive for cold or hot drinks. Such side effects will not last for a long time and they usually last for a few days after the treatment finishes.


What about the cost, how much does teeth whitening treatment cost? 

Well, it differs from region to another and from method to method. For example, laser whitening methods usually cost more than professional bleaching as well as power whitening but in general, some countries like Turkey offer very professional treatments with less expensive costs compared to Europe. Thus, it is important to ask about the costs before starting the process.

Istanbul is promising location for teeth whitening and other dental treatments because of the experience of dentists, affordable prices and a perfect location to visit during your dental treatment. If you are searching an affordable and global standards dental treatments so Istanbul is the right location for you.


At the end, teeth whitening treatments are safe treatments for everyone, and some people actually do it regularly by themselves using easy use equipment that can be bought from pharmacies or a dental clinic. You can also consider these equipments but always remember to consult your dentist or dental team before applying any product to your teeth. Doing a wrong treatment by your own with some unknown brands may use a loss of teeth and cause more complications.

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