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We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at FlytoCure Healthcare Ltd. The main aim in the GDPR is to unify and simplify the regulator environment and to strengthen the data protection of individuals. Patients who have their operations carried out will have their data shared with regulator bodies for clinical governance. The bodies involved are: (a) PHIN Private Healthcare Information Network. (b) CQC Care Quality Commission. (c) National breast implant registry, if applicable. (d) Healthcare provider, where operations are performed. (e) Data will be kept at FlytoCure Ltd for at least 8 years, hard copies in a secured way. (e) Part of the data will be kept electronically in a secured way for audit purposes and Clinical Governance. (f) Information will be shared with other Health Professionals, including their GPs and NHS services for various Investigative procedures, Haematology or Microbiological Screening etc.